Where did my exhibition stand go? - Reusing options

Exhibitors often want a unique and eye-catching custom exhibition stand, (which certainly doesn’t come cheap) but have never taken into consideration, "What happens to custom exhibition stands after the show? Are there reusing options or is it thrown away?"

I will be discussing:

  • What makes a custom exhibition stand custom?
  • What happens after the show? Where did my exhibition stand go?
  • Are there reusing options, or is it all just thrown away?

What makes a custom exhibition stand custom?

If you look at a custom exhibition stand, what do you think of? A company who is there to show us who they are and what they do. Exhibitors want to stand out and impress current and future clients.


Generally, exhibitors like to give an impression that their stand has something special that all the other companies don’t have, which will hopefully make you feel more welcome to view their products on show. By doing so, the company is giving new and old clients a memory and the feeling to immediately go back and purchase one of their products, or to get in contact with them at a later stage.

This is a fun way of marketing your brand and product especially when their stand looks completely different to their competitors right next door to them.

The reason exhibitors don’t mind paying a large sum of money for a two day to three-day show is because they now have made their mark in the industry with their high walls, shiny floors, sleek furniture, bright LED lights to make their brand pop out!

What happens after the show? Where did my exhibition stand go?

Did you know – it’s easier as well as being cheaper to throw the used materials away than to try and salvage it for exhibition companies.


It’s difficult to re-use a custom built stand as they built around a specific company’s brand and needs and the labour involved in trying to salvage material doesn’t justify the worth, it’s so much easier just to throw all that hard work away. About 80% of the custom exhibition stand gets thrown away right after the show, straight from the show to the dump. There is such a large amount of waste, it’s almost unbelievable!

Are there reusing options, or is it all just thrown away?

Nine times out of ten, it is all just thrown away.

There is a small amount of materials that can be used again, such as certain furniture, counters, free standing display units and lighting. If you use fabric banners on your stand then you can easily reuse it if you’ve taken the time to put it away in a neat and clean place where it won’t collect dust.

For the rest of the materials that have been used, well there’s no hope. Wooden panels, walls, structural elements, there aren’t many options there, they are just thrown away as there is no more use for them.


Why can’t we just re-use it?

It’s simple, we made it especially for the show so you don’t have to worry about having your stand sticking out like a sore thumb because it was built for a complete different industry. Imagine us taking a bright red wall that’s 2m high and turning it into a bright green wall that needs to be 3m high. More work than just starting from scratch.

Don’t forget, your tastes are not the same as mine. You may like a shiny white floor, but I want to have a more rustic look and have laminate style floors with that “aging” feel. These 2 completely different types of flooring can both get damaged, no one wants to have dirty and damaged flooring. Especially on their brand new custom built exhibition stand at one of your biggest and most important event.

Making use of your custom exhibition stand post show – Reusing options

Turn your custom exhibition stand into a sleek office area or a showroom.


We aren’t saying you have to use the WHOLE stand! Take certain built pieces! For example, your reception desk on your custom exhibition stand looks greater than your actual reception desk in the office, then change it up and add this piece of furniture as a new edition to the family. After all, you did pay to have that reception table designed to your specific wants! Instead of watching it go to waste, spice up your office or store.

So many people ask for these amazing display shelves for their custom exhibition stand, but when you walk into their retail shop you’re kind of wondering why everything isn’t as fancy as what you saw last time. Well, it’s time for a change. Instead, put in those beautifully lit display shelves and plinths to light things up and give a much more positive vibe to the environment. Once again, you paid for them so make use of them!


What I personally found unique were these extra-large Iphones. A company overseas has built these man-size phones for a more interactive feel at a custom exhibition stand.

Why just stop there? You can make use of them at multiple exhibitions and can you imagine having these awesome Iphones at a Vodacom, Cell C, MTN etc. store here in South Africa?

Now that’s what you call multi-use! Perfect for many needed occasions.

www.giantitab.com   To read more on these large interactive Iphones