Trade Show Displays, Creating Interactive Exhibition stand Ideas

Just saying hello and giving a sales pitch isn’t going to cut it, as every exhibitor at the show will be doing the exact same thing as a standard. Need to think out the box.

Let’s just jump straight into some ideas, Will consist of:

  • Interactive social media
  • Game environment & competitions
  • Pop Education & Key speakers
  • Entertainment exhibition stand
  • Refreshments point
  • Exterior event marketing

The reason these are listed is because they have been done before, so the goal here is to fuel your brain to come up with new innovative ways to market your brand.

Interactive social media

Social media has taken over the globe, and is present everywhere, even trade shows. People aren’t without their smart phones or tablets at any time.


If you’re exhibiting at a show you know it will have a high volume of social media activity, be a facilitator of that engagement by having a social media hub in your booth. Display live feeds showing the online activity for guests and engage with discussion on the trending topics of the day, this can open up possibilities of creating trends about your display or products on popular twitter chats.

Hashtags can be a powerful marketing tool, having a contest to allow attendees to get involved with your company’s social network and spread clever branded hashtags integrated into a live projected feed of your stand will improve visibility as well as create interest for people to follow your company and events social network.

Game environment & competitions

Gamification is the method of incorporation an interactive game into a not-gaming context, for example a game involved with mining pumps & technology. Gamification can encourage interactivity from visitors and create a stronger connection with your brand.

  • E.g. Having a sound guessing game, where a visitor would need to put their head into one of your pumps and guess a sound or songs artist.

Though whatever is done needs to have an end purpose by adding some value to visitors, otherwise would just end up being un unnecessary distraction people would try avoid.
A method of education is the best route to take. No one doesn’t enjoy learning new things around their industries.
Have prizes that visitors would want, and something new and ‘cool’. A branded cheese grater new invention. Remember there is no point of giving gifts that people won’t remember where they got it from, should be fully branded.

Remember everyone wins at trade show competitions.

Pop Education

While sales may be your main goal at the trade show, keep in mind that many attendees are interested in being there for the industry education as well. Pop education topics can increase your brands awareness amongst attendees.

Offering some personal value and growth opportunities will benefit your engagement, having spontaneous and exciting topic demonstrations, mini conferences or quizzes.

Entertainment exhibition stand

Attraction by entertainment at an exhibition stand, a dancer appearing at certain times during the day. A magician walking around your display showing tricks.

These are methods that might be purely for attraction and non-related to anything, though will no doubt attract people.

If you are able to integrate this type of entertainment that everybody loves (everybody loves to see magic tricks), with some relevance to the industry and having a prize / corporate gift at the end, that would be the end game.

Refreshments point - Exhibition Stand Coffee Station

Be the coffee station everyone goes to for their refreshments, or milkshakes & snacks. You are trying to get this conversation going around: “where did you get that awesome looking smoothie?” “They handing them out at the ACE Exhibitions stand for free”.


There we go people start queuing at your display stand. Maybe for the wrong reason, but people will remember the brand name no doubt.

Exterior event marketing

Exterior event marketing, by this I mean not involved in the organisers ‘package’ or even in the event its self. This is a bit of a sneaky way, if the trade show is happening in a certain area of the city, organise billboard advertising all around the venue, for a 3-day event will not cost as much. Or having vehicles with your branding around the parking lot, big 8 ton trucks. Here will be huge exposure to all visitors and the organisers of the show will not have any control here.

There are 100s of ways to attract visitors, just need to keep your mind open and innovative. The more fun and pleasurable the connection, the more likely your visitor will remember you.