Sales Consultant - What It Takes | Exhibitions

Every business has some sort of sales team in place, wether it be internal sales, external sales, most cases, it’s both.. To become a sales consultant you need to be able to read people, understand body language, if you're trying to sell on the phone you need to understand different voice tones, and before you even begin sales and actually do your job, you need to break the ice and create some sort of relationship with your potential clients.

Today I will be discussing all the key elements to being a good sales consultant for exhibition companies, but the general sales consultants would relate too.

Here are the topics I will be bringing up:

  • Appearance Of A Sales Consultant
  • Product knowledge Of A Sales Consultant
  • Being Prepared As A Sales Consultant
  • Tips on how to create a better relationship with your clients

Appearance Of A Sales Consultant


I’ve made this one to discuss first purely for the fact that this really sets the mood. You need to look classy and sophisticated. As a sales consultant, you need to carry yourself with great ease and confidence. When you walk in the room, people should notice you and say “wow, you look great” They need to know to take you seriously and not as a joke, at the end of the day, you mean business and making a good first impression, is everything!

If you have tattoos, cover them. Now I know, people should accept you as you are and people shouldn’t judge, and let’s face it, many people have them nowadays, but being a consultant you need to really give a good impression, and keeping your tattoos hidden is a great way to start. Put on make-up, wear heels, wear that red dress you love so much without showing too much skin, wear that suit! You can be whoever you want to be! Play around with styles, figure out what gets the most attention from people. It’s a load of fun!

Product knowledge Of A Sales Consultant


This is vital! As a sales consultant, you are representing your company and selling their services in return for great rewards, usually commission based.

You need to know what you are selling!

For example, I’m a sales consultant for and exhibition company, so I need to understand what we do, how we do it and what we use to do it. I need to understand space management and all the kinds of finishes we offer from high gloss sprayed to roll painted. And which products we use to get those finishes! Sometime you get caught off guard and they want to know what types of screws would be used! So you really need to know your stuff! Not knowing an answer to their question may be deal breaker! If you don’t know the answer, let them know you will get the answer! And don’t let them down, they like dedication and commitment, especially to them! Knowing they have your full attention and are willing to go the extra mile for them will set you apart from the rest.

Being a consultant for an exhibition company, I am in the same token representing their brand. They are trusting me to deliver on a service that displays their brand and products in a certain way and to their requirements.

In response to that, I need to understand a little about their brand and products and what they do in order for me to deliver a service to them.

It’s not just a quick fly by night kind of deal, you need to be there for support and advise, you are their point of contact within your company. They need to know they can trust you!

Being Prepared As A Sales Consultant


When you go meet with prospective clients, do some research into their company and see what they do and how you can benefit them. This one is important! They like when sales consultants come prepared, they like knowing you’ve done the research prior to the meeting, and not a lot of sales consultants actually do this! I get told all the time how I’ve earned brownie points because they didn’t have to tell me what they do! I know what they do, and I know how they can use my services for their gain! They are often taken aback by my approach and praise me for doing my job, which is always a bonus! I love hearing that, it makes me feel good and like I can take on the world!


If they tell you something you aren't sure about or don't understand, or you need further information to make a deal, ask ask ask.. if they don’t want to answer your question, they will tell you so, but leaving a meeting without asking some of those important questions will leave you feeling very heavy and defeated, as you can't quite deliver EXACTLY what they want, and creating a great relationship with clients is a good way to start getting them to talk! Make them comfortable and they will answer away! A good indication for knowing you are in their good books is when you ask a question and they respond with something like “I’m not actually supposed to say, but so and so and so”

Tips on how to create a better relationship with your clients

Speak up, show up, take the call, make the sale.


This one I could go on for years about! Understanding your client and their needs are super important. I show up during build ups and let the clients know I am there for them and make sure that the service I promised them is delivered. I’m not just a sales consultant to them, I am their point of contact and if they call, I answer, if they need help, im there, if they not happy, im there. After all that, I am the one they thank, for everything, and that to me is gratifying.

Once they know they can trust you and they know you are there to deliver a service that they paid for, and go the extra mile for them, you are in their god books!

Apart from doing your actual job, selling your services to them, be friendly, smile, ask how business is, respond with similar scenarios you have experienced and BAM! A path is starting to make way for a great professional relationship. They will start cracking jokes, laughing more around you, actually enjoying your company. But do not blur the lines from professional to friends. They are still paying you, and without clients, you don’t have a salary! Remember, they aren’t your ‘tjommies’ they are business partners, keep it professional!

Being a sales consultant isn’t just selling a service or product. Its creating long-lasting business relationships with clients for your benefit and theirs.