Gallagher Convention Centre
Johannesburg - South Africa

Venue Description

The 32 hector property offers 27 venues which cater to many events and exhibitions With a variety of hall and boardroom sizes, Gallagher convention centre can cater from 2 – 7000 people and up.

Venue Capabilities

  • Conferences
  • Dinners
  • Luncheons
  • Cocktail Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Weddings
  • Private Events

The Building

Gallagher Convention Centre was established in 1993 and perfect for the medium to larger scale events.The ceilings aren't the most appealing, the halls are quite dark. Venue entry is very good, but hall entry can be a little confusing as there isnt really one entry point to the halls. Gallagher Convention Centre offer 8000 parking bays on premises and large open fields for more parking across the street.


Consisting of:

  • Boardrooms 1 - 5
  • The Estate Ballroom
  • The Auditorium
  • The Gallagher Grill
  • Exhibition Halls 1 - 5
  • The Koi Deck
  • The Lotus Suite

With all this to offer, Gallagher Convention Centre has you covered for all events.


Visitors - There is ample parking space, making it even more pleasant for your experience. The venue itself is quite something extradinary to walk around, especially with the bird sanctuary right in the middle. It's easy to find your way around and plenty bathroom facilities. No more queues ladies!

Loading Bays - The loading bays are quite well-managed and move fairly smoothly. There are often queues to get into the loading bay but communication from the queues to inside the loading bay is excellent. They are big and very well-managed.

Lighting - Any event needs sufficient lighting which I feel, they could improve on in the halls, but not completely terrible.

Hall Interior - The exhibition halls are really nothing close to being pretty or appealing to the eye. They do however cover the bare walls with black sheeting during events to help with disguising them. When the halls are filled with people and mind blowing decor, who looks at the walls anyways!

The Area - Midrand - Johannesburg

Midrand is slowly being built up with bigger businesses, housing estates and many more.


Midrand Accommodation

Midrand offers some very unique accommodations, mostly "South African Style", you'll get the bush feel without actually being in the bush. Most accommodation in midrand is Bed and breakfasts with self catering options as well.

General Traveling

Most accommodation places actually offer tours around the city in their own private buses. If you are more of a solo traveller, there are plenty Gautrain stops to take you around or alternatively, private taxis. There isn't really anything walking distance between each other.

Tourist attractions

'Mall of Africa' is Africa's largest mall with a retail floor space of 131 000 m2, and a gross area of 550 000 m2, you can literally shop till you drop!


Gallagher Convention Center offers so much and many different hall types and feels etc. The staff are incredible, the venue is incredible, the only downfall is the area. There isn't much to do in midrand and you always need to get transport to get places. Apart from that, it's a stunning venue. Gallagher Convention Centre is great for your big trade shows as well as consumer events. There is plenty space for machinery in the halls. You can hold any event at gallagher, they cater for all.


Gallagher Convention Centre

19 Richards Drive
Halfway House
Midrand, South Africa

Phone Number:+27 (0) 11 266 3000


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