Exhibition Stand Process - Ritz Pumps - Electra Mining

The Exhibition Stand Process of an Ritz pumps at Electra mining. My inside experience behind the scenes and during the event. For ACE as being stand builders, we don’t always get to see what goes on during an event. I was lucky enough to be part of the actual exhibition itself, which gave me great insight on what actually happens during an exhibition.

We will go through:

  • Exhibition Stand Process - From an exhibitors Point of View
  • Exhibition Stand Process - Build Up
  • Exhibition Stand Process - The Design
  • Overview

Exhibition Stand Process - From an exhibitors Point of View


During the event, i helped manage their stand and welcomed potential clients onto their stand, I also helped out the sales team.

Sometimes the stand was busy, sometimes there were dry spells. I got to know them really well. Plenty of laughter and joking going around between the staff. They were like a little family with playful banter. They made me feel so welcome from day 1. I looked forward to each day with them.

Early mornings consisted of getting the day prepared. We filled up our sweetie bowls and biltong bowls (my ultimate favourite!) and getting the beer keg dispenser nice and cold for that first crisp beer. That was a real crowd puller! I was the only one that could pour a decent beer without having a cup of foam! Our first beer would go out on average at 10am, but it’s 12 o’clock somewhere in the world right? Haha. That was a daily joke that got old really quickly!

Watching their staff work and explain to clients what they do and how it works was so amazing to watch. Seeing their passion and love what they do gave me a whole new perception. Being that person that does all the talking and convincing as a good sales person does, you don’t actually realise how intense the conversation gets. More and more questions get thrown at you, it almost activates your passion and knowledge and you answer those questions as best you can.

All in all, it was an amazing week spent with an amazing team.

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Exhibition Stand Process - Build Up


Being part of the show and being part of build for a show, are two completely different feelings. During the show, there’s plenty of love, laughter, passion and music, a really great vibe fills the halls of the exhibition.

During build up, it’s stressful and noisy, plenty generators, forklifts, and drills going, things falling, metal poles knocking, people shouting, the walkways are minefields of equipment and stand elements. Its complete chaos! But that’s what I love, busy bodies, building, communicating. I’m busy watching the show in the making! Watching concept stand designs and event ideas come to life. Watching it turn from empty halls with concrete floors to a hall filled with structures! From small and simple to really out the box double story exhibition stands!


The amount of preparation, work, effort and pride that goes into these custom exhibition stands and huge events like Electra Mining is insane!

Exhibition Stand Process - The Design


Before we do any design, we do a briefing. Our designers need to know the requirements and expectations of the stand. Designers work directly off of a budget. The need to know where the limit is. We can design a stand from R5000 or R500 000, we like to work within the client’s budget restraints.

Once we have a briefing, we do a little research on their company and incorporate their image into our design concepts.

For the Ritz Pumps design, we went with a very simple, clean design. 5m high back wall with LED logo, storeroom, bar counter, lounge seating. Very welcoming and open.

Ritz is a company that build pumps to extract water from mines. They had designed a pump with the latest technology and simplifying the process a whole lot, first in the industry with this type of technology. They were showcases their latest pump with the newest technology and had a pump on the stand for show with a simple diagram graphic on the back wall that the sales team used as a reference when explaining to potential new clients.


They knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it done. They were very thorough in their brief, we just had to deliver the service we promised.


It was such an incredible experience being apart of something like this from the stand briefing all the way through to the show. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience as a whole as I have learnt so much from it. I now understand from an exhibitors point of view and get to pass this on during the designing stages.

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