Exhibition Stand Designers - How it is done

This article is to bring to light, exhibition stand designers - How it is done? How designers do those awesome 3D visuals.

I wouldn't call this article about the process you go through to get a design at an exhibition stand company, this is more so you can see how the designers do their job, and what they need to do those awesome designs.

Will consist of:

  • 3D Rendering, Exhibition design modeling (video)
  • Design programs (which ones they use)
  • Steps in Exhibition stand designing
    • Concept development
    • 3D modeling & rendering
    • Putting together the presentation
  • Designers goal (exhibition stands requirements)

3D Rendering - Exhibition stand design modeling

This video shows you how an exhibition stand design is done, and how a designer creates those 3D realistic renders.

Time Laps of the design process, i have removed the clients name, just to be safe.

Design programs - What exhibition stand designers use?

I'm pretty confident 90% of exhibition stand designers around the world use these programs on a daily basis:

  • Revit:revit-architecture-logo

    A architectural program, leaning more to the 'technical side' for sky scrapers & complex buildings. Though modeling and rendering much easier and quicker than Studio Max.

  • 3Ds Max: 3ds-max-logo

    A pure rendering software, whereas lacks any technical usage, used for a wide range of industries. Including 3D animations, Games, Movies (and i mean box office movies). Renderings are top quality here.

  • Sketch Up: sketch-up-logo

    Very easy program to use, and also very quick to create illustrations. I'm just listing this software because it does get used, though highly doubt it gets used by bigger exhibition companies.

  • Adobe Products:adobe-products-logo

    I have just listed Adobe as a whole, as there are plenty Adobe products useful in Stand designing and presentations. For example: Photoshop, Illustrator & premier.

Regardless of the programs used, awesome designs can be easily presented, just depends on the skill of the designer.

Steps in Exhibition Stand Designing

Here is the standard step process in Exhibition stand designing, as designers do a lot more than just playing on all these programs

Concept Development - How does a designer start?


Obviously through a briefing process, so a designer has a clear idea of what they trying to accomplish. Good old sketching & researching is what is done here in order to start the process. A good designer could even do this right in the briefing meeting, which can save a lot on communication time between the client.

3D Modeling & designing


Once the designer has their concept and goal, playing on the programs begin, the video in the beginning of this artical shows a brilliant example.

Putting together the presentation


Now the last thing is to get their design in a presentable format, This is what a client sees, and 3D renderings are by far the best way to present a design, where the client can see exactly what they can expect from the project. A video walk is even better.

Designers goal (exhibition stands requirements)

As Exhibition stand designers, there are a few key aspects in trade shows that needs concentrating on.

  • Height: Exhibiting companies require good visibility across halls. With this in mind, Designers need to make sure visitors can identify them easily.
  • Brand Theme: The companies corporate identity is what needs to be highly present, as an exhibition stand is basically a company profile in a structural version. For example a tech or communications company would lean towards a very clean high tech stand design, with plenty general and led lighting.
  • Awareness: Basically having the product or service of the exhibiting company clear and understood by visitors, without the need of explaining what the company does.

In other words, starting the design directly around the main focus for the show, will lead to a successful marketing strategy.