Exhibition Stand Builders - South Africa

In this article I’m not going to try sell ACE Exhibitions as a company. I’m purely going to explain what ACE does differently oppose to other exhibition stand building companies in South Africa.

ACE being an exhibition stand design and manufacturing company based in South Africa, amongst other services offered, such as corporate imagery shop fitting & retail developments.

I’m going to concentrate on what we do ‘different’ from our direct competitors not the areas where our processes would be the same.

I will discuss where our differences lye in:

  • Technical Drawings
  • Machinery & Equipment used
  • Preparation Process for custom exhibition stands
  • Custom Stand Designs
  • Price – Exhibition company differences
  • Quality of stand manufacturing

Technical drawings – should be a thing of the past for exhibition stand building companies.

Let me explain further here, as technical drawings are required for everything right? Else how would exhibition stand building companies know what they are building? Well here at ACE we have a specially designed modification for a program we work on called Autodesk Revit BMP, which is an architectural program used for engineering & architecture. This modification allows us to do ‘technical models’ which is a new age production method replacing standard technical drawings.


Instead of doing 2D drawings with dimensions and all that misinterpreted stuff. We have trained our production staff and stand builders to work off a program instead of printed line drawings. This program generates our entire cutting list, material requirements as well as the methods of manufacturing. Creates an accuracy outcome of 95%, no matter how complex the design is. We eliminated almost all possible human errors using this software. If the initial technical model has been done correctly, the manufacturing process becomes easy as pie. I can’t even remember the last time we had a piece not fit on site because of the size being wrong or built incorrectly.

Why we don’t pre-build stands

We used to pre build all stand to make sure everything is built accurately before we get to site as every exhibition stand building company does. Though for the past 3 years using our system there has been no use for this anymore. Pre building has honestly become a complete waste of time now.

This is a good improvement. We would need to charge a client for the pre build, and now this allows us to save costs for clients by eliminating an unnecessary build up of the stand. We now charge only for one build up on site.

Only reason we would pre build a stand is for a client’s request for a viewing.

Machinery& Equipment Used

95% of all our cutting & preparations is done by Beam Saws & CNC machines. The only time we would use our baby panel saws are for quick little cuts or for making toys.


Beam Saws and CNC machines cut to the 0.05mm, which works with our technical model software and ensures complete accuracy. This puts us at ease and is why we find it a waste of time having to pre build an entire stand.

Preparation Process for custom exhibition stands

Okay yes preparation is a vital point to any project. I am pretty sure our leading competitors follow the same procedure as us. Else there would be plenty unfinished stands at Trade Shows.


I wouldn’t expect a standard shop fitting company to be as reliable, as they aren’t as experienced in exhibition stands as actual exhibition stand building companies.

Our aim is to do as much in the factory as possible, and I mean everything that won’t get effected during a build up will get done in the factory. Every exhibition company struggles at some point due to the short time available at sites to set up their stands. We are constantly trying to figure out methods to allow for more preparation in the factory for a more efficient build up on site.

How ideal would it be having a 100 sqm exhibition stand take 4 hours to setup, with rigging and all the cool stuff?. This is looked at to be impossible, though if every single piece of work is done in the factory and on site all that needs to be done is screw together and plug in a cable it could be possible. This is an ongoing goal here at ACE, and would ideally bring down the costs of a custom exhibition stand.

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Custom Exhibition Stand Designs – Are we any different?

Hmmmm, as every exhibition company has designers, and the fact that designers hop from company to company. Every company has their top designer as well as their junior designers. I can’t say we have the best designers in South Africa because half our design team comes from our competitors and vis versa. Let’s just say our design team is top notch and develops the best designs they can.


ACE, as well as 80% of exhibition stand building companies in South Africa offer free designs. If you have no obligation, then why not get a 2 or 3 other stand ideas. There is no harm in getting more options.

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Prices – Exhibition company differences

Of course we have to talk about pricing, are we the cheapest? Probably not, there is always going to be some smaller company that can beat our prices. Though if you had a look through our site, you will notice we are very open with our prices. You can request previous quotes we have done and we will send some to you with pleasure. Offering full transparency.


Only way you can really find this out is getting a quote from 3 different companies. That is the easiest way, and we recommend you to do so because we know we going to be on the shortlist anyways.

There are a couple of our main competitors that I obviously can’t name. Which are completely ridiculous with their quotes and I’m sure you will figure them out when you get those quotes.

As a company we obviously try get our costs affordable as possible. Still being able to keep the company successful.

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Quality of stand manufacturing

Are we the highest quality exhibition company in South Africa, I wish there was an evaluation or exam to establish this. All I can say is that quality is our first priority, even above a reoccurring client. If our work is built to a high quality no matter what happens our clients can’t be angry at us: P. As long as our client has a quality stand and achieves a successful show, we are happy with the outcome.


Again there are some exhibition stand building companies in South Africa that are a disgrace. Okay maybe that is a little bit harsh. Let’s just say when walking around a build up at a trade show. Often I look at stands and think ‘That client is going to be furious when they see this’.

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Okay enough. I hope you enjoyed the read, and have a better understanding of ACE Exhibitions.