Exhibition Preparation for Exhibitors

When you are planning on exhibiting at an exhibition, you want everything to flow as smoothly as possible, unfortunately that isn’t always the case… Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make things flow more smoothly.

Lets Go Through:

    What to do in advance: National and International Exhibitors:

  • Contacting the organisers
  • Accommodation
  • Review your products
  • Social Media

    If you are traveling from overseas:

  • Passport
  • Customs
  • Hostess
  • Communication
  • Transport

    General planning for success:

  • Target Market
  • Demo New Products
  • Storage for personal items

What to do in advance: National and International Exhibitors

Many people leave things for the last minute, but some things just can’t especially in the exhibition industry.

Contacting the organisers

This is a must. In order to get the best stand size and positioning in the hall, book your space as early as possible. It could be more cost effective due to ‘early bird’ specials. You can also order your electrical needs earlier so there’s no more stress because it hasn’t been left to the last minute.


If you are flying from overseas or just to another province, accommodation is key. Just like the floor space, your accommodation could also be a special price as it’s still far in advance. (Only book accommodation once everything else has been booked) Planning is everything.


Review your products

The organisers provide an exhibitors manual for a reason. In that manual, there is generally a weight capacity of the floors as well as the loading bay sizes. If you want to take a large product with, please check if it’s possible. You don’t want to get there and, they won’t allow you in because of the size, length or weight of your product.

Social Media

Advertise on all the company’s social media accounts that you will be exhibiting at an exhibition. Try to advertise at least a month beforehand, as a few days beforehand won’t get as much acknowledgement as you would hope. This will also for potential clients to plan around their other work for this specific event. Advertise the exhibition itself so everyone knows what this exhibition is all about and if it’s worth coming to.


If you are traveling from overseas

No matter where you are traveling to, there are strict procedures in place. It can be made easier if you are willing to do the effort.


Passports and visas can be difficult to get, though id done ahead of time this is easy for trade shows. Make sure you know who is traveling in order to get your passports as soon as possible. By doing this you won’t have to worry about last minute approval in hope you will be able to still attend the exhibition you were planning on exhibiting at for months in advance.



If you know there will be a struggle due to language barriers, maybe think of hiring a hostess. These ladies are here to translate. This can really help when you are in a different country and struggle with their official language.


When you land in South Africa, a form of communication is vital. Don’t rely on wi-fi everywhere you go. Find phone shop and buy a sim card. Then you can buy data and you are sorted for wherever you intend on going.


Generally, from the airport there is a shuttle bus or car taking you to your accommodation as it is part of your package while staying with them. There after you need to find your own for of transport, that’s when our South African sim card comes in hand. Easy to order an Uber.

General Planning for success

There are a few common things one should do to prepare for their upcoming exhibition in order for everything to fall into place.

Target Market

When it comes to exhibitions, you need to know your specific audience. If you are exhibiting at a food and drink exhibition, you will need to assess your products and ensure the ones you are taking is worthwhile. You are going to take an earth moving machine if you are planning on advertising your Crisps and Soft Drinks. They are there for the interested of certain products, not other unnecessary things.

Demo new products

This is crucial, especially if it is not in the country as of yet. Hand out samples, ask delegates to do a taste test. By doing this you will be able to justify whether you should launch this new product into the country or not. You never know, you may even find potential investors.


On your stand, it is always important to have some form of storage. T could be to pack away samples, brochures and even personal items. This also allows the stand to look neater and more presentable. You don’t want to clutter up your stand for no reason.

Preparation if the key factor for a successful event, planning in advance will save you many headaches.

Write a To-Do list, add some due dates and you will be fine.