Exhibition Display Ideas – Do’s and Don’ts

Exhibition display ideas can be a little tricky, some companies that have been exhibiting for years still tend to struggle when it comes to achieving the message they want to deliver.

So I have constructed some do’s and don’ts below:

  • Exhibition Display ideas
  • Do’s and Don’ts for exhibition displays
  • Strategies for visitor engagement

Exhibition stand Ideas - Basics

When it comes to exhibition stand ideas, anything is possible. From single to double storey stands, suspended rigging, to fully equipped bars and entertainment areas. If you can envision it, it can be done.


You don’t always need a big space to really have something amazing, you just need to utilize the space given to its full potential. go high, go fancy, go innovative, go interactive, Your main goal is to be seen and remembered.


Budget conscious stands don’t have to mean boring or plain when it comes to your exhibition display idea. branding a space well, creates a better visitor journey and visual, opposed to a plain shell scheme booth.


Planning well in advance allows for time to discuss options and look further into avenues that best suit you and your brand, leaving everything to the last-minute you only limit your display.

Keep It Clear and Concise

  • Don't try to cram too much on to your stand. - Print Advertising 101 talks about the importance of 'white space' in graphic branding, you need to keep this in mind when designing a physical stand too.
  • Branding Exhibition Displays.   Click here for more information on branding exhibition displays

  • Clutter will make it look messy and uninviting, and too much on display will become 'meaningless noise.
  • Try keep it clean and simple and allow your message to be delivered unclouded. They need to understand or have some idea of exactly what your company does just by looking at your stand.

Another great way to get Exhibition Display ideas, is to actually go and visit other trade shows and see what is the going trend. Larger companies generally have a full-time marketing team and know how to best implement a message. See how they brand their stands and how much they have on display, You will get a feel for how they are marketing their brand as a big company. you can learn from them and avoid all the trial and errors they had to face.

Make Use Of Height

  • Height can be a great way to create a display of impact than can be seen from across the hall.
  • Height should always be up for discussion! Small, medium and big stands can always benefit from height.
  • Visitors are more attracted to Something big, clear and visible that is eye-catching.

What's Underfoot?

  • All exhibitions will have generic flooring, usually just carpet tiles, consider laying a different colour carpet or a raised floor, the options are endless! Flooring alone can set your stand apart from the rest. It will also create the impression of a separate space that is all your own.

Think About Your Stand Layout

  • When planning your stand floor layout, it’s quite vital to keep the stand functional and flowing.
  • Reception/welcome areas, product display areas and anything interactive should be planned towards to the front of your stand to help draw in visitors.
  • Having meeting areas near the back for more privacy, to draw visitors away from the crowds and into your stand.

Do’s and Don’ts for exhibition displays.

Below is a list of do’s & don’ts to consider when discussing your exhibition display ideas.


  • Research what your biggest competitors will be doing to try figure out their marketing strategies.
  • Prepare a detailed strategy for all stand requirements, marketing ideas and target market.
  • Keep designs simple but engaging.
  • Add height where possible.
  • Start planning your exhibition display ideas well in advance to allow enough time to discuss and plan your brand and method of delivery of your message in the best possible way.
  • Try keep information at eye level.
  • Make sure your logo is clearly visible as this is an important element, go big or creative.
  • Make use of AV to help promote your brand/product instead of having too much branding on your walls.
  • Innovative Give-aways for visitors to remember you by.
  • Have seating for your visitors to allow the comfort and choice of visitor’s preference.
  • Understand image quality counts, rather no branding than bad branding.
  • Let visitors know you will be with them shortly if you are busy with another visitor instead of letting them hang around clueless, having a tv with product ranges on a slide show, refreshments and interactive games.
  • Use this time to allow your creative juices to flow and HAVE FUN!


  • Don’t Do what everyone else is doing, people are attracted to new things.
  • Go overboard with text when branding your stand.
  • Leave planning for the last-minute.
  • Have the floor raised too high think about visitors tripping.
  • Cram your stand with products.
  • Have too much going on with pictures, branding, furniture etc on your stand, you still want your stand to flow and accommodate the feet for potential clients.
  • Have your staff looking un-presentable or unapproachable, have your staff dress appropriately for your target market.• Be overpowering, don’t have your staff force information on visitors and blab on, your visitor will soon become annoyed.
  • Have any lighting shinning directly into anyone’s eye’s.

Strategies for visitors engagement.

With a great exhibition display idea already in place, definitely is the way to start, but you also need to follow through right to what happens during the show.

Having a great stand that is eye-catching that attracts potential leads to your stand means you are already half way there! But now, how do you keeps clients on your stand?


Visitor Involvement.

In addition with the proper engagement tools and content set up, the third crucial element is the audience interaction that creates the unforgettable experience.


At trade shows, each visitor is likely to have 20 interactions with various companies and possibly recall 5 of those, at most. let visitors remember you in some way. by playing a game or be rewarded if they take part in a survey, browse through some exciting new content or immerse themselves in the virtual world you’ve designed.

The more fun and pleasurable the connection, the more likely your visitor will remember you.