Durban Convention Centre (Durban ICC)
Durban - South Africa

Venue Description

Ranked as one of the top ten conference centres in the world by AIPC. Located at the focal point of the Durban Central business district, 15 minutes from king shaka international airport, and in close vicinity to the shoreline beaches with very green forestry entrances, beautifully designed structure, with 7000m2 coulomb free floor space which can be divided into separate events with its modular walls.
The sister exhibition venue located across the road can be joint by blocking off the adjoining road and creating a seriously big venue for an event.

Venue Capabilities

  • Conferences
  • Trade Exhibition Shows
  • Consumer Exhibition Shows
  • Banquets
  • Film Shoots
  • Corporate Functions
  • Concerts

The Building

Distant impractical parking block, allowing 1000 secure parking bays a nice walk away, and 340 parking bays within the venue. Well designed building, with a beautiful exterior scenery.


Consisting of:

  • Exhibition Hall — Can be divided into 3 different halls
  • Exhibition Center — Across the road
  • Outdoor event area
  • Meeting Suites

The venue is very pleasant to maneuver around, with wide open spaces.


Visitors — Whether visitors are coming from with in Durban Central or the outskirts, it is easy enough to arrive at the venue. Though to find out where to go or enter might be challenging for most. The event will suit trade visitors as well as the general consumer market both equally.

Loading Bays — Aspects of the delivering, loading bays are great. Whether there is an entire list of contractors and exhibitors delivering items, there is little hassle. Although the bays could be managed a bit better.

General Parking — This would be the biggest downfall, there is none. Well unless you like walking.

Operations Management — Management of the venue during events are very good, a very streamline process for an organiser or contractor.

Visitor Entry — Entering the building is spectacular though entering the halls could be more practical.

Hall Interior — The interior of the exhibition halls, perfect. Ceilings are decent in height, and well presented in structural aesthetics.

The Area — Durban

Durban Area its self is beautiful, lovely beaches, very green and booming with wild life. The city on the other hand, I don't have many good things to say, it is a well-developed city and business orientated though it would be a place to work and leave straight after.


Durban Accommodation

Hilton Hotel, I'm sure you have heard of one, 5 star all the way, and this Hotel is within the convention areas vicinity, only 50m away from the front doors. With the Palace Hotel, Oceanic Hotel, Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani being some of the closest, as well as plenty other Hotels a couple of minutes away.

General Traveling

Private Taxi services would be the only way to travel around the city. Durban city is wide spread, and wouldn't say an enjoyable walking experience. Traffic is minor, peak hours of course there is congestion. Although throughout the day is pretty pleasant driving around.

Tourist attractions

Durban as a whole, has a beautiful climate, and forestry views as well as beautiful beaches and large waves. Wales and dolphins are a common thing to see.
To list a few main attractions:

  • Golden Mile - beautiful beach walk
  • Umgeni River Bird Park
  • Ushaka Marine World
  • Valley of a Thousand Hills
  • Umhlanga Rocks

Night Life

The Durban lifestyle is the "surfers lifestyle", everything being very slow and relaxed.
Evening activities would be on the out skirts of Durban, not really the city center. Beach front restaurants, including the harbor, and areas such as "Umhlanga" and "Balito" are experiences that everyone would enjoy.


My opinion, is Durban Convention Centre is 5 Star in exterior appearance, location. Functionality i would say is lacking, due to visitor engagement and parking. The venue is orientated nice for large consumer shows as well as smaller trade shows. Would it be a place for a concert and consumer exhibition, defiantly, and will be successful. Would it be a good venue for a trade exhibition show, slightly, though the issue that would come into play is that Durban its self isn't the biggest business district, so the event wouldn't be as successful as if was placed in Cape Town or Johannesburg.


Durban Convention Centre

45 Bram Fischer Road
South Africa

Phone Number:+27 (0) 31 360 1000


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