Strategies Graphic Design, Prevent Graphic Design Disasters

Strategies Graphic Design, We’ve all witnessed eyebrow raising advertising illustrations before, but when 90% of the typical graphic designer’s time is invested in designing for printing, websites and media, it comes to no surprise.

3 Strategies To Prevent Graphic Design Disasters

A couple of occasions a year, when their attention turns to designing on a larger scale like designing exhibition stand graphics, it’s clear to understand identical miss-considerations.

There are various specialist factors when designing artwork for an exhibition stand; variety, sight lines, visitor path stages, and atmosphere to name just a few. Obviously, the different technical requirements for digital CMYK large format printing might not be extremely familiar to your designer either.

Ideally, it’ll enable you to ensure your exhibition stand graphics are highly beneficial, and not catastrophic!

Strategies Graphic Design – Sight lines in the exhibition setting

One of the most challenging obstacles in an exhibition hall is standing out from the competitors.

Your stand’s graphics should not be hidden or obscured by the venue’s features, your competition or perhaps the visitors themselves. The last thing you want is for things to get in the way of your visitor’s sight line to your vital message.

Strategies Graphic Design – The Three-second rule

Three seconds is the average period it takes to make an impression (good or bad) on someone. If you would like people to really get your message, your graphics should consist of more than just beautiful photos. They require colourful, related images, readable fonts, and brief copy providing your guest with the answer to the most important question: What’s in it for me?

Strategies Graphic Design – Using Graphic design as an additional sales person

A popular miss-held view is that there’s no room for longer, in depth copy or diagrams on the stand. But that’s not necessarily true. It’s all about location, understanding the areas of your stand and also your visitor’s path.

As soon as your visitor has found you and you have their interest, your graphics can hold, inform and even self-qualify your prospects. By using other visual types of communication, like animation or digital content, don’t neglect to combine the two. Interaction with digital content improves when supporting graphics clarify what individuals are about to experience.

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