exhibition stand – Tips for getting visitors to your stand, before the event

Although we always suggest having a superb exhibition stand whether it is modular or custom modular, often a lot of companies overlook inviting their key current and prospective clients to visit them.

We have constructed some top tips to assist you and ensure your companies attendance at the event results in many visitors who finally become high-value customers.

exhibition stand – Think about who will be attending

First and foremost, this will really help you plan out the ideal ways to attract your target audience. You don’t want to market your event to the wrong individuals, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on those you really want to see. As a matter of fact, it is crucial for your ROI that you attract the correct audience.

exhibition stand – Use your website

Promote your attendance at the event on your website. Your website affords the opportunity for you to promote every aspect of your exhibition stand. Including the opposition, interactive content and special offers. At the same time, you can use this tool to make your target audience aware of the upcoming event.

exhibition stand – Create customised materials

Why not develop a microsite, event email or information regarding your attendance. You can go into detail about your stand and onsite campaigns and deliver the preferred audience a very specific message regarding your event.

exhibition stand – Spread the word on Social Media

Social Media is an excellent way to get a message across. Writing content about your attendance and distributing it all over social media is a another way to get more visitors to your stand.

exhibition stand – Make use of the exhibition’s website

Ensure you have access to the exhibitor part of the show website and complete your company profile. From here on you will also find many other marketing opportunities accessible to you on their site. So don’t forget to take advantage.

exhibition stand – Advertise

In my opinion advertising in the event show guidebook or your industry magazines might be a fantastic way to get exposure. Actually a significant number of sources also advertise online now too.

exhibition stand – Sponsorship

Events usually have sponsorship opportunities.  Still even though this can be a costly exercise, it is often a great ‘on the day’ reminder of your brand for the visitors.

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