Exhibition Stall and Display Ideas Blog Series

Exhibition Stall Ideas – Introduction To Our New Series

As a leader in the South African Exhibition and Display market, we aim to deliver nothing but the best! Our goal is to become your permanent allocated contractor for life, by striving always to exceed our client’s expectations and provide peace of mind with a stress-free experience, exhibition stall ideas comes from us on a daily basis.

We’ve recently launched our online blog where we regularly share valuable information relating to exhibitions, shopfitting, retail & corporate design. ACE is also launching a series of blogs focusing mainly on Exhibition Stall Ideas and Display Ideas.  We will be posting new articles on a weekly basis which will give you ample time to get new ideas for your next exhibition stand design.  Aiming to bring you up to date with current trends as well as new strategies and technologies in order for you to get more feet through your stand.

With our custom designs, anything is possible, from single to double storey stands, suspended rigging, to fully equipped bars and entertainment areas.  Whatever you want, we can make it happen. We also have solutions for smaller stands, and we offer discounts for early birds as well as trade discounts.

Exhibition Stall Ideas – Some basic Guide lines (complimentary information from Bay Events)

  • Don’t try to cram in as much stuff as you can – print advertising talks about the importance of ‘white space’ and you need to keep this in mind when designing a physical stand too.

  • Clutter will make it look messy and uninviting, and too much on display will become ‘meaningless noise’.


  • Talk to the show organisers to see if you can make use of height.  This can be a great way to create a display of impact without overcrowding the stand itself.


  • All exhibitions will have generic flooring, but if you want your display to stand out from the rest, consider laying your own flooring on top.  This will create the impression of a separate space that is all your own.


  • What do you want visitors to do when they’re at your stand?  Plan your space accordingly.

  • It can be a good idea to have meeting areas near the back, to draw visitors away from the crowds and into your stand.

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