Branding display stands – The correct way

Branding display stands is easier than you think in exhibitions, with only a few things to avoid, My first piece of advice. do NOT have too much writing, keep artworks simple and as easy as possible to understand.When using text, when visitors walk past they must not have to stop and read to know what your message is. If they can’t read while they walking by, then your text is too long or too small, this will have a negative effect. Any graphic design company should have this embedded in their minds.

Branding display stands – The correct way

Having visuals to get your message across is more beneficial than text. For example: if you supply Wireless Technology, to have a visual of a ‘Wi-Fi’ symbol or a ‘Radio Tower’ symbol someone can understand what your company does by looking at your stand for just a second. This is the best approach possible, though this can be a challenging part for some as having clear visuals aren’t always as easy as pasting a Wi-Fi symbol.

Having simple wording understood by your target market can also be beneficial, or even better having both ‘radio tower accessories’ with a radio tower visual next to it is perfect. The goal here is to just keep it simple enough for a passing visitor to look for three seconds and understand exactly what you do. Another thing to be careful with is once you start putting NEW technology names or captions for example ‘Radtelopy networking’ this might be a new product that you are launching, though you need to be careful as your target market might not know what this means exactly when walking past your stand and might not think it would be relevant to them, which it could be…

Conclusion in Branding display stands:

It is always a good idea to have your main service big and easy to read, then sub sections with services relating to it. But these sub sections must not impound on your main message ‘wireless technology’. Because a visitor would read this first. Then understand they are in that industry and they will then look into it further. Graphics are a highly important part in complementing your exhibition stand.

Branding display stands – Hints how to showcasing your logo:

Displaying your logo correctly is very important as this is the entity any clients would be dealing with. They not necessarily meeting ‘you’ they are meeting your brand / company. You are just an asset assisting the company, you not selling yourself you selling the company or brand. Your logo should be larger than any other sub logos or product logos you supply. Even though in most cases your product logo would be the well-known brand and might attract visitors.

Though always remember. Unless you are the only supplier of such product in the country it might be a good idea to have the brand more prominent. But you still showcasing your company and the service you bring. You are trying to get potential clients to remember your company. The question is, will you be selling a specific brand or product for eternity?. Because unless the brand is a part of your actual company. These will likely change as technology and new brands arise.

Your logo should not be stuck on every part of your expo stand. You should have one large or attractive logo visible from 80% of all directions. As well as being the most appealing section of your exhibition stand. Having your logo being a light box or CNC cut attractive feature is a simple easy way to accomplish this.

Branding display stands – The colour scheme of your stand:

Should always be your corporate colours and flow with your logo colours. The only reason one should make adjustments here is if your colours are purely dark. Also if you would need your display to be brighter. I mean, even if you have plants and flowers on your stand, try source flowers with your corporate colours. It is very easy to turn a nice exhibition stand into a busy eye sore stand. If ever you stuck with what colour to choose for furniture or flooring etc. Which are standard items which might not be available in your corporate colours, simply go white. This colour is natural and can never go wrong.

Branding display stands – Pix-elated artworks:

Who can notice this if a large picture on a banner or something is slightly pix-elated?. Though as soon as text or a descriptive visual is pix-elated, this starts to affect you negatively. Pix-elation effects visitor’s eyes as their eyes try and fail to focus. This subconsciously creates frustration that they might not even realise is happening. Have your artworks all vector based, is great, or at least all text and visuals to be very high resolution.

Branding display stands – How much branding:

This is something I could write for days about. If you had to just understand the point of artworks and branding. Look at it from a human’s / organism perspective if I had to put it blatantly. When you look at a wall with the word ‘WALL’ written clear and big on it, then imaging you looked at a wall with 10 smaller words all different ‘wall’ ‘paint’ ‘holes’. The chances of a human’s natural state of mind to stand and read all these words aren’t near as high as a human reading a single word.

This is when exhibitors mess up their marketing strategy. If you want a whole bunch of messages brought out, don’t put it all on your branding. Hard copy brochures are for this. These are for when visitors are actually ready to read and when your other messages can get across to them. People can’t walk and concentrate on a cluttered branded stand at the same time. So exhibitors need to sacrifice unnecessary messages for the greater good.

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