Attract Visitors – Tips on how to connect with visitors.

Are your stand team boring guests when you exhibit? Are your exhibiting targets and return on investment being reduced because of this? If so, there might be insufficient experience, motivation or confidence getting in the way of that critical on-stand visitor engagement. We’ve put together some of our top tips to attract visitors as well as connect with them.

Tip 1 – attract visitors: If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail

A large percentage of the success of your stand is as a result of its staff. Simple things like not briefing them with expectations of what being at the exhibition will accomplish will ultimately harm visitor engagement.

Here are three things your staff must know:

  • Exactly why your company is presenting at the show
  • What is your advertising campaign message
  • Who is the target audience

Although you should discuss this information with stand staff before the event, it’s recommended that you refresh their memories with an on-stand briefing. Ask that the team arrive early for the presentation; at least 30 minutes ahead of the show opening.

Tip 2 – attract visitors: Take breaks and stay motivated

Even the most skilled staff member gets tired being on their feet for hours on end which is often accompanied by an apparent drop in motivation. Fatigue is a mood killer. It’s essential that your staff stay on top of their game as the last guest of the day might be the most important.

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix: frequently scheduled breaks. Ensure everyone working the stand gets a decent lunch break and a minimum of two coffee breaks. It will not only prevent the team from eating on the stand, but the refreshments and a well-earned break will do wonders for their engagement levels.

Tip 3 – attract visitors: Don’t be boring, use exciting engagement tools

Not every one of your visitor engagement needs to be in the form of discussions with your stand team. Often, creative content and engaging tools can perform the hard work for you. They supply visitors a reason to approach your stand and present an initial talking point. It can take some of the strain off your team and make understanding your undertaking fun and uncomplicated for people to understand.

In the end, you want visitors to remember you above the competitors. Engagement tools can assist adding value to your conversation, whether it’s a game to offer a positive encounter or a virtual environment that guides the visitor visually through your presentation.

We hope that our top tips on how to attract visitors to your stand has helped you!

Let us know how you’ve connected with visitors by commenting below.

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