Why Use A Mediocre Exhibition – Use Ace Exhibitions!

Why Use Ace Exhibitions

Marketing at an exhibition can be the start of a long-term relationship between your company and a potential customer. That is of course if they can find you in the first place.

With so many stalls present at trade shows, you really need to get out the big guns. Lets have a look at why ACE Exhibitions is the best for you.

Know who you’re using

If you are going to use a company that doesn’t know their stuff, you’re going to waste your money not to mention your time as well. It is vital that you do your research and find a reliable and experienced company to design your exhibition stand.

At Ace Exhibitions, we are fully aware that the most important part of the trade show is to stand out in a crowded environment. But also to supply your audience with engaging material that will reinforce your brand. When you’ve captured the interest of a potential customer, you have the opportunity to market your product directly to them and perhaps build a lifelong relationship.

Want Success?

Appointing a professional exhibition company to design your booth is vital to your success! And this is exactly where Ace Exhibitions comes in. As one of the key players in the exhibition stand and display industry, you can expect nothing but professionalism coupled with innovative ideas. If you have ideas of your own, we are always open to listen to them and make the necessary adjustments to make them work for your space.

To make your stand come to life, we can make it interactive by adding special features such as projection screens, LED Walls, touch screens and furniture as well as rigging. Not to mention we can even build you a double story booth. There are no limits as to what we can do for you. Speaking of services, we have our own in-house graphic design and printing department. We can handle any wide-format printing up to three meters wide. We offer a range of services, 95% of your stand will be built on their premises.

If a high return on investment is what you’re after, trust Ace Exhibitions to help you achieve that goal. They are passionate about exhibition stand designs and keeping up with the latest trends. Their prices are competitive and they have designs available that will fit into any budget, big or small. Why not get in contact with one of their consultants today together with a briefing and we will give you a quote (and a complimentary design) for your next trade show.


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