4 Characteristics Great Exhibition Stand Design

Having an exhibition stand at a trade show can cost serious money and to make a good ROI, you’ll need to attract visitors that will eventually become customers. But attracting quality visitors is easier said than done, 4 Characteristics Great Exhibition Stand Design to help with some obvious areas.

4 Characteristics Great Exhibition Stand Design

You have three seconds to make a good impression, or your stand will get lost in the crowds. How exactly do you make an impact in just three seconds? Below are some elements you should keep in mind with your next exhibition stand design.

Exhibition stand lighting characteristics


To help visitors understand the layout of your booth and to help them focus on essential elements. You need to add lighting effects. Lighting gets used in two different ways. The first is to attract visitors –  highlight the accents such as your logo or any of your products that are on display.

Second, ambient light and task lighting will create the sense that your stand is a permanent fixture. Making your visitor feel more at ease and create an opportunity to sell your product.


Typography plays a big part in how you connect with your target audience. If signage is hard to read, people will not read it. If you want to attract visitors, you’ll need to stick to fonts that are easy to read from far away as well as up close. Take into consideration your brand, and keep the look and feel consistent.

 Audio Visual Components

When planning your design, the following things should be considered: subtle background music, sound effects and playing corporate videos. This will work hand in hand with your messaging and artwork.

 Engagement Tools

To make your stand memorable, you will need visitors to have a good time while visiting your stand. The difference between a good and a great stand: A great stand will ensure you keep your visitors entertained and your brand will be the one they remember at the end of the show and long after that. The goal is to turn visitors into buyers.

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