6 Innovative corporate function ideas | Events| Team Building

The hardest part of corporate functions and events, is to get everybody involved and to have fun. Without dreading the idea. (there are always those few people). Put in a bit of effort in organising an enjoyable time, and take the opportunity to encourage socialisation and bonding.

Here are a few ideas for you:

    Day Events:

  • Treasure Hunt - The town
  • Survivor
  • Minute-to-win-it

    Evening Events:

  • Casino / Horse Races
    • Magician
    • Theme / Impressionists
  • Drive-in / Theater
    • Fire Performer
  • Team Quiz
    • Comedian
    • Shadow Performer

Corporate Events - Day Time

Friday, last day before the weekend and i dont need to work. Awesome.

#1 - Treasure Hunt - The town

Getting your office together for one big treasure hunt, where they would drive around your town finding clues to the next stage of the hunt. A type of interactive quiz.

Why not get your clients involved too (no I don’t mean get them to go on the hunt), having some of the stops at your client’s buildings? You could have a magician preforming a simple trick that your staff would need to figure out. Or a puzzle needed to solve. Would create a game show for your client’s staff as well.


This is a great team building exercise which doesn’t create pressure for staff.

#2 - Survivor

This might be a bit tricky, as you need to remember about that 50-year-old receptionist lady that could be dreading this.

A day out, where the team needs to make a raft that someone can stand on without sinking.

Having the elderly, or the people who wouldn’t want to get involved, be the team member tasked to pick the material that the rest of the team will have to use (eg: rope, barrels, etc.) And a judging team / organizing team.

Keep the teams big so no pressure is created.


Options are also to do this for a charity, I mean who would dread helping a charity? Making things or cooking etc.

This could also be a marketing opportunity for clients, they could sponsor your team. Shows clients you do your part in society.

#3 - Minute-to-win-it

Just like the TV show. Same thing though keeping the activities in groups, not single people. Idea is to create team-work and bonding, not pure competition and pressure.

Simple games, for participants. And organizing / finding games for the people who might not want to get involved in the actual games.


Corporate Events - In the Evening

If having a full day of no working isn't a option

#4 - Casino / Horse Races

Okay yes, an evening with poker tables and blackjack tables are cool. But is it for everyone?

I had been involved in a dinner event where there were recordings of horse races, and everyone would pay a small amount in to participate, and whoever bet on the horse that won, would win the pot. Was a lot of fun, obviously you need an entertaining MC with this.

“Next race starting in 5mins”


    Along with a some additional entertainment:

  • Themed Event (either staff can follow the theme or just the hostesses & waiters)
    • Celebrity Impressionists
    • Vikings Warriors
    • The list goes on
  • Magicians are cool, no doubt. Have one walking around the tables preforming

#5 - Drive in / Theater

I was involved in one of these too. Was also very cool, as I haven’t seen a real drive-in for years.

Outside, with a blow up screen, and supply the general popcorn and sodas. Play a movie like “Greece lighting”, even the “hard-core” employees can’t help themselves but enjoy the classic. Don’t go play “Fast and the Furious” as the 50-year-old receptionist might think this is crap.

A social gathering or dinner followed by a movie, being short and sweet is a good move.


    Along with a some additional entertainment:

  • Fire performer

#6 - Team Quiz

A tricky event, as I personally hate quiz nights. I would rather be the guy finding the quiz questions and hearing everyone struggle with them.


    Mixing it up with:

  • A comedian staging MC
  • Everyone enjoys laughing, though there are lines that should be set as some people are sensitive, eg: No direct attacks to the audience.

  • A shadow performance

There are hundreds of ideas floating around online, Just remember everyone needs to enjoy this, else you just creating more harm than good.

And nice prizes with the competitions is always a good thing, as long as everyone has a chance to win it.